Form Elements

Form Control

Individual form controls automatically receive some global styling.

Form Sizes

Create taller or shorter form controls that match button sizes.

Column sizing

Wrap inputs in grid columns, or any custom parent element, to easily enforce desired widths.

Validation states

Bootstrap includes validation styles for error, warning, and success states on form controls.

Input Icons

Use .input-icon-alignment class to get an icon inset input.

Input groups

Extend form controls by adding text or buttons before, after, or on both sides of any text-based input.

Checkbox Variants

Use the .checkbox-(type) class to change checkbox default color.

Checkbox Horizontal

Individual form controls automatically .

Checkbox Inline

Use the .checkbox-inline class for inline checkbox.

Icon Checkbox

Individual form controls automatically.

Radio Variants

Use the .radio-(type) class to change radio default color.

Radio Inline

Use the .radio-inline class for inline radio.

Radio Horizontal

Individual form controls automatically.