General Buttons

Button styles can be applied to anything with the .btn class applied.

Button Icons

Easy to use icons in custom buttons just add .btn-icon-align to btn class.

Button Shadow

If you would like to add shadow to your buttons then use .btn-shadow class.

Button Rounded

If you would like to add radius to your shadow buttons then use .btn-rounded class.

Outline Buttons

Buttons are also available without backgrounds add .btn-outline.

Circle Buttons

To use circle button add btn-circle

Button Sizes

Add .btn-lg, .btn-sm, or .btn-xs for additional sizes.

Button Blocks

Create block level buttons by adding .btn-block.

Button dropdown menus

Button dropdowns work at any size: .btn-lg, .btn-sm, or .btn-xs.

Button Groups

Buttons with .btn in .btn-group.